District News

New National Board Certified Teachers Photos of the new board certified teachers

Oldham County Schools is proud to announce that 17 teachers obtained their National Board Certification in December.

National Board Certification recognizes accomplished teachers who work to generate continued improvement in the learning environment. 

Commitment to Safety Oldham County High School Commitment to school safety SB1: School Safety & Resiliency Act in Oldham County Schools

Through Senate Bill 1 and beyond, OCS has a continued commitment to school safety.

Please follow this link to learn about SB1 and the steps OCS has taken to ensure student, staff and community safety.

Notice of Vacant Oldham County Board of Education Seat Oldham County Board of Education December 2020 Meeting

The Oldham County Board of Education is seeking applications for appointment to fill a vacancy of the Board representing District 2. This appointment will be effective until the November 2020 regular election.

Responsibilities include: setting policy to govern the District; hiring/evaluating the Superintendent;