School Report Card

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The new school accountability system has been released by the Kentucky Department of Education. This year there is a new five-star system to rank schools.

“Oldham County Schools is extremely proud of the overall scores of the majority of our schools,” said OCS District Assessment Coordinator Leslie Robertson. “We are of course saddened that the achievement gaps present in some schools resulted in the reduction of their star ratings, despite the overall stellar performance of the school as a whole. This in turn resulted in the same star reduction at the district level.”

Despite the fact that achievement gaps continue to exist, we are making progress in closing those gaps and working towards ensuring all students reach proficiency. Our graduation scores are outstanding and we recognize that this achievement lies not only with our high schools, but with the hard work of our elementary and middle schools that have worked to ensure they are sending students to high school with the skills necessary for success.

We are pleased that all of the schools in Oldham County designated last year as “Targeted Support and Improvement” have exited this status by making improvements within the achievement gap areas that caused them to be designated as such. We celebrate their hard work.

We are excited about our performance on the new measure where each indicator (Proficiency, Separate Academic Indicator, Transition Readiness, Growth and Graduation Rate) is given a rating from Very Low to Very High. Considering all of the possible scores from each school, along with the district ratings at each level, we are proud that out of 65 total indicators, 44 out of the 65 were High or Very High for Oldham County Schools, with only four rated as Low. These scores support the overall scores the schools received and reflect the overall performance of our district as a whole.

While we are still in the early stages of analyzing the data, we look forward to discovering additional areas of improvement and strength, as well as revealing areas where we need continued focus.

You can see results for the district or individual schools at Kentucky School Report Card, This will show graphics displaying the overall identification of one to five stars, federal classifications, the performance on indicators (from very low to very high), and any statistically significant achievement gaps.

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