Free meals for 2021/2022

School Lunch lets grow healthy

We are excited to announce for the 2021/2022 school year, Oldham County Schools will be able to serve meals free of charge to all students.

Each student may receive one complete breakfast and lunch at no cost to them. Second meals, extra items, and snacks are not free. School Food Service is a Child Nutrition Program that is funded by the USDA. Therefore, only children may receive meals at no cost. All adult meals must be paid for. No charging of any meals or items for adults or students will be allowed. 

Students and staff may create an account at MySchoolBucks MySchoolBucks does charge a $2.75 service charge for depositing money. School Food Service does not receive any of the money that they charge. Cash and checks are also accepted at the point of sale or may be sent to the Cafeteria Manager.

Student Second Meal Prices Adult Meal Prices
Breakfast     $1.20   Breakfast      $1.75   
Lunch           $2.75     Lunch            $4.00      

It is still important for families to complete the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application. The information collected from the application contributes to funding for other district programs and to help families qualify for fee waivers along with college and testing fee discounts.

We are working towards increasing the options and variety of foods on our menus. We plan to introduce several new items this year. Menu information for each school will be located at,KY . There are ongoing production and supply issues with many of our vendors. The menus are subject to change due to availability of products, but we will do our best to keep the menus updated to the best of our ability.

In order to reduce waste, we will be implementing Offer Versus Serve. This means students may choose the items that they wish to take to create a complete meal. They do not have to and should not take all items offered unless they intend to consume them. The meal must contain ½ cup of fruit or vegetable.

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