2019 Pyramid Awards

Oldham County Educational Foundation's Pyramid Award

The Pyramid Awards provide up to $1,000 per teacher to fund innovative educational projects that will benefit students in the classroom. Through the years, OCEF has awarded over $330,000 to more than 500 teachers.

This year 35 proposals throughout the county were selected for funding and $30,000 is being distributed to these teachers.

This year’s winners are:

  • Joan Laxton, Arvin Education Center
  • Jessica Miller, Arvin Education Center
  • Dayna Moore, Camden Station Elementary
  • Allison Noe, Camden Station Elementary
  • Mallory Davis, Centerfield Elementary
  • Meaghan Goodwin, Centerfield Elementary
  • Erin King, Centerfield Elementary
  • Nicole Tschappat, Centerfield Elementary
  • Nancy Robertson, Crestwood Elementary
  • Ally Giesting, East Oldham Middle
  • Jaclyn Green, East Oldham Middle
  • Connie Morrison, East Oldham Middle
  • Felicia Clause, Goshen Elementary
  • Brooke Wiseman, Goshen Elementary
  • Nancy Farmer, Harmony Elementary
  • Sheri Tabor, Harmony Elementary
  • Laurie Szabo, Kenwood Station Elementary
  • Cristen Arvin, La Grange Elementary
  • Amber DeWitt, La Grange Elementary
  • Bethany Mader, La Grange Elementary
  • Sarah Hare, Locust Grove Elementary
  • Allen Davis, Oldham County High
  • Brooke Haysley, Oldham County High
  • Leslie Nieport, Oldham County High
  • Megan Cronin, Oldham County Middle
  • Karen Putlak, OC Preschool
  • Dr. Charles Bentley, South Oldham High
  • Colleen Davis, South Oldham High
  • Justin Romney, South Oldham High
  • NixB Slider, South Oldham High
  • Morgan Waits Roberts, North Oldham High
  • Elaine Dillard, North Oldham Middle
  • Sarah Crisp, North Oldham Middle
  • Kelly Fiorini, North Oldham Middle
  • Allison Steineker, North Oldham Middle

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