2022 ExCEL Award Winner

Excel Award winner Brittany Stevenson

She creates an exceptional learning environment in her room on a daily basis, building a positive class culture that increases motivation, engagement, rigor, and student participation. 

This is just one reason why Mrs. Brittany Stevenson is the winner of the 2022 WHAS/LG&E and KU ExCEL Award.

Mrs. Stevenson teaches Spanish at SOHS and is recognized among the faculty as a teacher who focuses on building positive relationships with students. She works with her students to create a classroom where respect for one another, respect for a strong work ethic, and respect for classroom norms is common practice.

Recently, she led the SOHS faculty in naming culturally responsive teaching practices that occur regularly in our classrooms, and advocated for small and easy changes that teachers can make to ensure that diverse students feel seen and supported. 

Mrs. Stevenson is continually looking for ways to improve world language instruction in not only her classroom, but the entire building. School administrators note how the world language department at SOHS is flourishing and students are excelling across the board because of her.

The purpose of the WHAS/LG&E KU Excellence in Classroom and Educational Leadership (ExCEL) Award is to recognize and reward the contributions of the public schools and the teaching profession to the development and well-being of young people. The ExCEL award is given to teachers in our community who go above and beyond to educate their students. 

Mrs. Stevenson received a Golden Apple trophy from WHAS and a check for $1,000 from LG&E-KU. She says she would like to use the money to fund field trips for her students next year.

Congratulations to Brittany Stevenson, winner of the 2022 WHAS/LG&E and KU ExCEL Award.

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