Transition to NTI on Nov. 13


As you may know, Oldham County has moved into the red category on the state’s Covid-19 Incident Rate map, having at least 25 average daily Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people over a 7-day period. We are also seeing a growing number of cases and quarantines among both students and staff at this time. Due to these factors, we will transition to full NTI on Friday, November 13 and stay in NTI through Friday, December 4. During this time, school enrichment centers will also be closed in order to curb any potential spread of the virus.

During the week of November 30, our staff, in conjunction with the Oldham County Health Department, will reevaluate the county and school Covid-19 numbers. The decision to resume in-person instruction or continue on NTI will be made and communicated to you no later than Thursday, December 3. If we remain in the red category but do not see a sizable increase in the county incident rate, we may consider returning to in-person instruction. We are continually monitoring the numbers of staff and students with positive cases and the numbers of those in quarantine to inform our decisions. For this reason, it is imperative that parents report positive test results and quarantines to their school during NTI. This data will influence the decision to return to in-person instruction while Oldham County is in the red category, or to remain in NTI. In addition, the Oldham County Health Department asks that you notify them as soon as receiving a positive diagnosis. Please don't wait for them to contact you. This helps speed up the process of contact tracing. They can be reached at 502-222-3516.

As a reminder, VLA students will remain on their VLA schedule during this time. Students who selected a change to in-person or VLA enrollment for the second trimester will receive a separate email. Regular season games will be suspended for OCS athletics, but practices can continue. During this period of increased community spread, we ask that you follow Covid-19 guidelines such as limiting social gatherings, staying home when ill, quarantining if exposed to a person who tests positive, and wearing facial coverings when out in the community. Doing these things will greatly increase the likelihood of lowering our incidence rate and continuing in-person instruction.

Information on school nutrition sponsored feeding sites will be communicated soon.

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