Closings, Delays & Early Dismissals

Last Updated: 1/27/2021 7:05 PM

For the 2020/2021 School Year:


As we head into winter and the potential for inclement weather days, we would like to provide some clarity on what will occur on days when weather prevents school from being in session.


If we are in NTI:

If we are in NTI on a day we experience snow or ice, we will continue doing NTI that day. An exception to this would be if we were to experience power outages as a result of the inclement weather, hindering the ability to teach or complete NTI. If that is the case, we would notify you that no NTI would occur on that day, and would utilize a make-up day, in accordance with the calendar approved by the Board.


If we are in-person:

Our goal is to make every effort to avoid going to school past June 4th. This gives us five potential make-up days to play with before we would need to move into the second week of June. 

I still firmly believe the best instruction is face-to-face, therefore, make-up days will be used for the first few individual snow days.That said, if we go into a snow event that keeps us out of school for several days in a row, or if we go past the five make-up days on the calendar, we will utilize NTI days.The make-up days for K-12 are, in order of how we would use them: June 3, June 4, February 15, April 30 and March 12.

When school is called off, the message you receive will indicate whether we will utilize a make-up day later in the year or if students will participate in NTI on that day.

If we utilize a make-up day, that means ALL (in-person and VLA) students will NOT be assigned school work on the snow day. Communication will be sent at a later date to let you know whether the make-up day would be an A day or B day for middle and high school students. Make-up days for preschool will be announced by the OC Preschool Principal.

If the snow day is utilized as an NTI day, all in-person students (Preschool -12th grade) would complete NTI work, assigned to them by their teacher(s). VLA students will continue to work through VLA.


Greg Schultz

School closings, delays or early dismissals will be posted on the school’s website and social media sites as soon as the decision is made. An alert will be sent to parents via Infinite Campus Messenger but can take 45-60 minutes for all the calls to be delivered by the system. 

You can specify how you want to receive alerts via voice, text and/or email.  You can find instructions on this page.  Delay and cancellation information will be sent as emergency notifications. If you need assistance with these preferences, please contact your school's office manager for assistance.

In addition to IC Messenger, we post notifications through several other communications channels. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are verified — look for the checkmark next to our name to ensure you're on the official page. 

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