VLA - NTI Comparison

2020-2021 Return to School Plan Last Updated: 1/27/2021 6:17 PM

Virtual Learning Academy

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Non-Traditional Instruction

A virtual school that students can attend in place of traditional in-person instruction.  Follows the same calendar as the district and has set hours for students to attend online meetings and participate in virtual classes.


Temporary distance-learning utilized by districts to provide academic instruction when necessary. 


Students must enroll in the OC Virtual Learning Academy to attend.


At any point during the school year, OCS students may be asked to participate in non-traditional instruction.


Specific teachers will be assigned to teach classes for the VLA.  Teachers from all grade levels will be asked to teach students from across the district. 


All OCS teachers will be expected to teach during NTI days if the district needs to use NTI days again.  Your child(ren)'s in-person teacher(s) will be your NTI teacher(s). 


OC Virtual Learning Academy instruction will be at a similar pace as in-person instruction.  The curriculum will be guided by the same standards as in-person classes and have the same expectations. 


During short periods of NTI, students will primarily review content already learned during in-person instruction.  For longer periods of NTI, the expectations will be the same as in-person learning.