Service Manager Tickets

OCS teachers and staff have two options for submitting technology requests.

Option 1:  E-Mail (preferred)

Submit a service request by sending an email to

IMPORTANT:  You must use your district email address ( to submit tickets to Service Manager.   

1.  To:  

2.  Subject: Enter a title for request

3.  Message:  Enter detailed description of technology issue/ service request 

a.  Please include all pertinent information (computer name, service tag, room number, etc.)

b.  When applicable, please include troubleshooting steps already completed

c.  Email attachments are accepted and will be included with the work order  

When the email is sent, the system will automatically create an incident.  You will receive an email notification when the ticket is generated.

Example of Service Desk "Incident Created" email:

ServiceDesk Email - Incident Created

Email notifications will also be sent when the ticket is updated and/or resolved.

Example of Service Desk "Incident Resolved" email:

ServiceDesk Email - Incident Resolved

Option 2:  Service Manager Portal

Submit a service request by submitting a request using the online portal 

IMPORTANT:  You must use Internet Explorer to access the Portal.

Service Manager Portal - steps 1, 2 & 3


1.  Using Internet Explorer, go to:  


2.  Choose the Generic service offering under Service Catalog (left column)


3.  Select Generic Incident on the Generic service offering page



Service Desk Portal - Steps 4, 5 & 6

4.  Complete Generic Incident form


5.  OPTIONAL:  To enter the local computer name, click Refresh


6.  Review your request and click Submit