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    Due to COVID-19, Oldham County Schools will be closed starting Monday, March 16. We hope to reopen on Monday, April 20, 2020. Child enrichment centers will also be closed during this time. NTI instruction will continue during this time, with the exception of Spring Break, which is March 30 - April 3.

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Health Screening Programs

Vision | Hearing

The Vision/Hearing screening program is primarily completed the first and second semester of each school year. When a student fails a vision/hearing screening, a written notice is mailed to parent/guardian to communicate results and that physician follow-up is recommended.

Hearing – With parental/guardian permission, students in grades,1, 3, 5, 8 are screened annually.

Vision/Hearing – With parental/guardian permission, all other grades can be screened by teacher or parent referral.

Kentucky Eye Examination Form for School Entry (KDESHS004)  



In accordance with KRS 156.160 (i) all students 5 or 6 years of age are required to have a dental exam or screening by January 1 of the first year enrolled in public school.

Kentucky Dental Screening/Examination Form for School Entry (KDESHS005)


Head Lice (Pediculosis)

Head Lice (Pediculosis) – School personnel may screen students for head lice without parental consent and exclude students with evidence of live lice and/or nits (lice eggs).

Prevention and Control of Head Lice