FAQ - Elementary Rebalancing (2019-2020)

OCS Rebalancing QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you rebalancing elementary schools when high schools are over capacity? 

A:  Not all high schools are over capacity - NOHS is currently at 82%. Also, the capacity of the high schools is offset by the Arvin Education Center. By transporting students to the Arvin Center each day, this frees up classroom space at each of the high schools. Therefore, the 
overcrowding isn’t as severe as it appears on paper.

The plan, however, recognizes overcrowded populations at SOHS and future plans include renovations at SOHS to alleviate these issues. Work is set to begin to increase the capacity to 1600 beginning in 2020.

Q: Why do you currently allow inter-district transfers if certain schools are above capacity? 

A:  Our records show that for most schools, the number of students transferring out is nearly equal to the number transferring in.

Q: Will rising fifth graders and other students be grandfathered? 

A:  This will be the recommendation to the board based on past efforts:

Fifth graders will be grandfathered in and potentially other students in the school but will be reviewed during this process.

New students and siblings will not be granted a transfer.

Q: Will there still be inter-district transfers during and after 2019/20?

A:  We will likely have to close inter-district transfers for a couple of years at the elementary level.

Q: Why are teachers’ children allowed to attend a school where the teacher works instead of their zoned school? 

A:   As a benefit of employment at OCS, at full-time employee may request a transfer for their child to the school zoned for that parent’s current work location.

Q: How will the elementary schools align with the middle schools?

A:  The middle school boundaries will not change with this rebalancing.

Q: What criteria do you use in rebalancing?

A:  Building capacity, maintain neighborhoods (so students who are neighbors can attend school together), plan for growth, transportation, geographic features, minimize family movement.

Q: Which elementary schools will be affected? 

A:  At this point it is too early to tell, this will be reviewed as the process occurs.

Q: How will families be notified of the changes?

A:  There will be series of community meeting throughout the process, and when the final proposal has been approved affected families will receive written notification of new school assignment.

Q: What is your four-year facilities plan? Will it include building more schools? 

A:  The plan includes renovations and enhanced space at Camden Station Elementary, South Oldham High School, and East Oldham Middle School.  Buckner Alternative High School is to receive a new facility due to the age of the building. Eventually, we may need to build a new elementary school. The location for this school is not yet determined.

Q: How can I submit questions, comments or concerns? 

A:  During each of the forums parents will be able to submit questions and see the potential changes to the boundaries and provide feedback to the district.

Q: What is the timeline for the rebalancing? 


May 2018 - Community forum held to receive initial input on the rebalancing plan. 

June 2018 - The first draft of the balancing plan will be presented in an open forum. 

August 2018 - The second draft of the plan will be presented in an open forum.  

October 2018 - The third draft of the plan will be presented in an open forum and the final proposal(s) will be presented to the school board.   

November 2018 - The board is expected to vote on the proposal(s). 

August 2019 - Plan implemented.



Questions / Concerns?   Please email redistricting@oldham.kyschools.us