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FAQ about Fit For Life Last Updated: 2/21/2020 2:39 PM

1.     Fit for Life - Oldham County SchoolsWhat is Fit for Life?  

FFL is a performance based credit that counts as the required half credit for PE taken in high school.

2.     What does performance based credit mean?

The state requires a certain amount of instructional time for each half or full credit in high school.  You will often hear this referred to as “seat time”.  A performance based credit requires a level of proficiency exhibited by the student in regards to an area of study but not does have a time sitting in the class restraint put on it by the state.  The time required is determined by the school district approving the credit.

3.     Why take FFL?  

The state requires a certain number of credits earned for graduation.  Often times a student is limited to additional elective course selections due to scheduling all the required classes.  Taking FFL (as well as the online health half credit) allows students the flexibility to take an additional elective course in their schedules.

4.     Why is attendance mandatory for all fourteen class meetings?  

My child wants to take the course but will be gone to soccer camp for one of the weeks in June.  Can’t you count that week as physical activity?  Yes, a week of soccer camp is physical activity but FFL in about physical education not just activity.  Since the course only meets fourteen times, it is critical the student attends all class meetings.

5.     What happens when my child has to miss class (illness, death in the family, etc.)?  

You must contact the instructor and let he/she know the reason the child is not in class that day (just like during the traditional school year).  If it is excused, your child will not lose points for not attending.  Your child will have to do the make-up work or the alternate assignment (if it is a Saturday) for that day.

6.     What if my child has another class obligation on one of the Saturday meeting days?  

If your child has another class that is requiring him/her to meet at the same time as FFL, you must notify Mr. Percefull as well as your instructor prior to the date in question.  He will address the issue with the instructor of the class in question and reach a solution to the dilemma.  There are alternate assignments for the Saturday meetings.  Note:  the conflict cannot be with an extracurricular activity (cheerleading, club activity).  FFL is a required course and takes precedence over extracurricular activities.

7.     Why pay for FFL?  

The school provides for every child to take PE during the regular school year. The fee you pay provides for the cost of the instructor, the race registration, the visit to the Y, additional instructors and the online health course.

8.     How does my child get the health half credit?  

The district provides for your child to take an online health course.  This is done independently and totally online.  Mr. Percefull will enroll your child so they can complete the online course. It is critical you monitor your child’s progress on the online course since the work and deadline is controlled by the online provider.  The course is not a difficult course and six months is more than ample time to successfully complete it.

9.     How does the fitbit work?  

The instructor will give your child specific written instructions about how it works as well as go over how he/she must use it during the course.  It is extremely important your child follows the directions for its use due to the fact failure to use it properly during the six months will drastically affect his/her grade.

10.    How is the grade for FFL calculated?  

Your child will be given a course outline that includes the assessment of his/her grade and the point value for all assignments.  It is very easy to keep track of what is due and when it is due.  Failure to follow this guideline will result in loss of points.  The positive note is if followed as outlined it is easy to maintain a good grade.

11.    My child is not an athlete.  If FFL only for athletes?  

Students with a wide range of athletic ability have successfully completed FFL.  The activities are graded on effort, completion in the required time frame and participation.  Most students find they drastically improve their physical activity level while taking FFL.

12.    Why begin at 8:30 during the summer?  

Almost every day the students begin at the track.  It is best to do this before the day becomes too hot.

13.    I noticed the October class meeting is participating in the Susan Komen 5K.  Do I have to register my child for this race?  What if my child is not a runner?  

In designing the curriculum for this course, it was decided students needed to be exposed to a nationally sponsored race.  It exposes them to a race that is family friendly.  Mr. Percefull uses part of their fee for the course to pay for the race.  He will register the students and give them their racing bibs prior to the race day.  All students will be timed and encouraged to complete the race in a time consistent with their ability level.  You will be responsible for transporting your child to the race.  In the past, many families decide to make this a family event.  After the race there are dozens of vendors at the race site.  The participants are able to get many “free” items as part of the race experience.

14.    Can I run/walk the Susan Komen race with my child?  

Yes, we have many parents (actually entire families) who decide to do the race with their child.  We do ask when you register you sign up under our team—Fit for Life.  That helps us as a team with our numbers.  We have won an award for School Spirit (the last two years) because of the large number of folks registered for our team.

15.    Will the grade for FFL (and health) be on my child’s report card?  

No, the grade will never appear on the report card.  It will be on your child’s high school transcript in June of the year after completing both courses. 

16.    What do I do now if I have decided my child needs to do FFL?

Complete the Google Form at .  After completing that form, you will be contacted by Mr. Percefull with forms and next steps. *

* The classes for Fit for Life 2020 are near full.  Please contact Joe Percefull directly at to inquire about availability and wait list spots.


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