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    Beginning Monday, July 6, OCS buildings will be open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you need to visit a school, please call for an appointment ahead of time. Visitors must complete the “Healthy at Work” screening, including a temperature check and health questionnaire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 4/22/2020 3:06 PM

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COVID-19 FAQ  (español)

Q: What is Non Traditional Instruction (NTI) and when does it begin?

A: Non Traditional Instruction is a program that encourages the continuation of academic instruction on days when school would otherwise be cancelled. NTI work will begin Monday and will be communicated by individual teachers/schools. If you do not hear from your child’s teacher(s)/school by Tuesday, March 17, please contact the school. We know there have been many questions about what this work would look like, and it will vary from teacher to teacher and could vary among students, depending on available technology. Should your child not have a device or internet service at home, contact your school for paper-based work. It is possible for the school to arrange delivery of instructional packets for parents who are unable to pick up from the school. Spring Break will still be March 30 to April 3, and NTI work will not be required that week.


Q: What if I need to get ahold of someone at my child's school?

A: All district buildings are closed to the public. However, school personnel will be checking voicemail and email throughout the day. Please leave a message on your school's voicemail and someone will return your call in a timely manner. 

Q: Will we have to make these days up?

A: The 10 NTI days have been approved by the local and state boards. These 10 missed days will count as NTI days and will not have to be made up. It is important that students attend online learning and complete assignments in order to qualify. Currently, our last day of school will continue to be May 27.

Q: How can I retrieve medicine or other items from school?

A: If you need to pick up medicine or anything your child left at school, please call the school’s office to make arrangements.

Q: Is Spring Break still the same?

A: Yes, Spring Break will be March 30 - April 3. No instructional work is expected during this time. Feeding centers will not be operational during this week.

Q: Are all school activities and trips cancelled?

A: For the safety of our students and the community, all school activities, including but not limited to sporting events and practices, are cancelled from now to the end of spring break. This includes all school related trips. This includes school Spring Break trips. The school will work to obtain maximum refunds for these trips.

Q: Is graduation still on? Prom?

A: At this time, we expect all activities after April 3 to go on as scheduled. If this changes, based on advice from the governor or health department, we will communicate that as soon as possible. If prom is scheduled before April 3, it will have to be rescheduled.

Q: What if my student attends college classes?

A: Students who attend college classes should follow the guidelines and instructions set by the college or university. If you are taking classes at University of Louisville, you should anticipate direct correspondence from individual course instructors prior to March 18. If you do not hear from the university or are having internet issues, please reach out to Ms. Jenny Sawyer. Her email is jenny.sawyer@louisville.edu.

Q: What is the KY COVID-19 hotline?

A: (800) 722-5725

Q: What is the number for the Oldham County Health Department?

A: (502) 222-3516