Library Wish List

Last Updated: 3/13/2019 6:40 PM

This list will be updated throughout the school year with items that could be used in the library. When you are out shopping keep us in mind!

* Bandaids - Bumps and bruises are bound to happen over the course of the school year. Having extra bandaids in the library is a must!

* Printer Labels (a variety of sizes are needed) - Labels help me to keep an organized learning environment in the Library Media Center (LMC). I especially need the 5160 size, which I use for barcoding new books when they are added to the collection.

* Sticky notes (a variety of sizes are needed) - We use them for everything!

* Paint sticks - Used for stirring paint, these are the sticks that can commonly be found at any hardware/home improvement store that sells gallons of paint. In the Harmony library we use them as shelf markers.

Wish List