Safe Search Tools

Click on a picture below to head to a safe search engine!

Remember, if you are using a search engine, look for websites that have the ending .edu, .gov and .org. These are more reliable websites.


KidRex Icon

Kid Rex - Safe search engine for kids (powered by google).

Kiddle icon robot

Kiddle - Safe visual search engine for kids. Powered by google


KYVL - The Kentucky Virtual Library allows you to explore topics using various search engines (Scholastic Go, Explora, and Britannica). The Grolier site can be filtered by reading level and even read the text aloud to you!

PebbleGo Icon

PebbleGo- This website houses many informative ebooks on a variety of topics. It will even read the books to you! This can only be accessed when you are at school.

National Geographic Icon

National Geographic For Kids- A great place to search for information about animals, science and lands around the world.

epic books

Epic! Books For Kids- Use the login or teacher code your teacher gave you to access hundreds of free ebooks! Some even have the read aloud option!

(Epic! Books For Kids is currently not approved for use in Oldham County, we are hoping to get this resolved quickly.)

Overdrive Icon

Overdrive - Check out our Oldham County online ebooks!

PBS Learning Icon

PBS Learning For Students - Use this free service provided through KET Media to research webpages and videos.


Oldham County Public Library- We have a Crestwood Elementary library card for the public library. If you'd like to request a resource from the public library to use while at school please email

destiny logo

Crestwood Elementary Library- Check out the resources we have in our school library!