Camden's Soaring Eagles 2020 - 2021

Last Updated: 5/26/2021 5:09 PM

Please join me in honoring our latest Soaring Eagles!


PancakeTempleMs. Kenna Pancake, 3rd Grade VLA Teacher + Mrs. Kay Temple, 5th Grade VLA Teacher
"Before the end of the year, I just wanted to let you know how impressed we have been with the performance of our two VLA teachers, Mrs. Temple and Ms. Pancake.

Mrs. Temple helped our 5th grader have a great year at home and was very clearly prepared and skilled at teaching virtually.  She made this crazy year smooth and ensured our child's success which is impressive.

Ms. Pancake approached her first year of teaching and a year with incredible new obstacles with enthusiasm and creativity that really spread to our 3rd grader and showed in his growth and achievement.  I really think her adaptability, care and kindness show that she is an excellent educator.

These two teachers deserve not only our sincere gratitude, but special recognition from Camden Station Elementary for their efforts and excellence this school year.  In addition, I'd like to show appreciation to all of the VLA teachers who stepped up to provide excellence through the turmoil in service to our children and our community."

GradyRenee Grady, Mental Health Consultant

"I want to nominate Ms. Renee Grady, Mental Health Consultant, as a Soaring Eagle for all she does for the emotional well-being of our students and staff.  Ms. Grady works tirelessly to enact early interventions, collect behavioral data, develop and implement behavior plans and service individual groups of kids. Often times, she is working behind the scenes with families, students and teachers in need. We are so grateful that she's joined our school team.  She ensures that we are all performing at our best to service the social-emotional needs of all kids!"

HardenMs. Rachel Harden, School Psychologist

"I would like to nominate Ms. Rachel Harden, School Psychologist as a Soaring Eagle for all she does for our students and teachers.  School psychologists are uniquely qualified members of school teams that support students' ability to learn and teachers' ability to teach. Ms. Harden uses her expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help our kids succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. She works tirelessly to ensure that we have timely and specific data/reports, pulls small groups and consults with our staff to help support our students.  She has quickly become an integral part of our school team and we are grateful for her dedication to our Eagles!" 

YussmanMs. Samantha Yussman, HSC-FA Teacher

"I wanted write this in acknowledgment of how hard Ms. Yussman and her team have worked this past year to help our student progress through NTI/VLA/in person learning. Ms. Yussman has gone above and beyond with communication and supplying our student with the curriculum and tools needed to continue to work on her goals while at home. And then when it was time for our student to return to in person learning during the 3rd trimester, she has helped ease her transition, accommodated any of our concerns and helped her in any way she could. We are very grateful for Ms. Yussman‘s efforts and wanted you to be aware of how hard she has worked. My student and her peers are so blessed to have her!"

RodriguezMs. Alison Rodriguez, 4th Grade

"I’d like to nominate Ms. Alison Rodriguez as a Soaring Eagle. She goes above and beyond to make sure all students are included in her classroom community. She is patient and caring, and is always willing to go the extra mile for every student. Most recently, she surprised a student on his birthday by having the class make birthday cards and surprise him with a Happy Birthday song. It made his day so special! Thank you, Ms. Rodriguez for valuing inclusion!" 

AllgoodMs. Nicole Allgood, 1st Grade Teacher

"I just wanted to take the time to say thank Ms. Nicole Allgood for what she has done for our student.  Last year at this time, my child was kicking and screaming when I would make him read for 15 min.  Fast forward to now, he has been sitting down and reading with me an hour multiple times a week.  He is excited about reading and after the book fair, he even read a 230 page book in a day and a half!  If you didn’t know this about her, that is a SUPER POWER!  Being a mom that desperately tried to teach and keep motivated during the pandemic, I’ve learned yet again, that teachers along with doctors and nurses everywhere are the unsung heroes. I truly can’t thank her enough, during this crazy difficult year,  she has still managed to keep these kids moving forward and excited about learning.   They say it takes a village and this year has been such a reminder of how true that is.  I appreciate her so much and am proud that she and all the teachers at Camden are part of our village."

NoeMrs. Allison Noe, 1st Grade VLA Teacher

"I would like to nominate Mrs. Noe as a Camden Station Soaring Eagle! We have been a part of the VLA program since the beginning of the year.  Mrs. Noe ensured from the very beginning that her class would be inclusive, fun, exciting, and provide the support they needed at an individual level.  Mrs. Noe has been a constant light of inspiration, growth, challenging our kiddos, and making this a successful year amidst all of the craziness.  She constantly shines and I can't thank her enough for all that she has done to make my daughter's 1st grade year successful."  


MeckleMs. Ashton Meckle, 5th Grade Teacher

"I just wanted to nominate Ms. Ashton Meckle as a Soaring Eagle because of how AMAZING she has been this year.  Even in her first year at Camden, she has certainly not missed a beat in joining the culture of excellence and caring for the whole student that exists at Camden.  My student has struggled with the virtual/in person nature of the environment this year as I’m sure many have.  Ms. Meckle has gone above and beyond to ensure a strong connection with students while establishing an efficient classroom (both in person and online).  She is highly responsive to all communication (taking her own hours to call and check in) and ready to share her insights on my student's performance and needs.  She is very in tune not only to the skills but also the intangibles of how students learn and their personality nuances even in this crazy environment.   I can’t imagine how many times the teachers have had to pivot while maintaining the high standards of learning, which is truly a tall order.  She is a true parent partner and wonderful addition to our student's learning journey.  We are so thankful that Ms. Meckle is our child's teacher."


DoyleMrs. Jessica Doyle, 1st Grade Teacher

"I want to nominate Mrs. Jessica Doyle as a Soaring Eagle.  Anyone can easily tell Mrs. Doyle has the students' best interests at heart.  She has a passion for teaching and it shows every day.  She is so encouraging and energetic during their daily class meetings and individual meetings online.  She responds quickly to any questions asked.  She also takes time to send the parents photos and videos through Seesaw when the students are in person. During this uncertain year, it is nice to know Mrs. Doyle has her students as her top priority! Thank you, Mrs. Doyle for being so awesome!"


Bo SimpsonOfficer Bo Simpson, School Resource Officer

"I want to nominate Officer Simpson as a Soaring Eagle for all he does for our students and staff at Camden. Officer Simpson takes his job of keeping us safe very seriously, but he goes so far above that.  Officer Simpson is always available to help our parents, students and staff with all things safety related. He knows most of the students' names by heart and goes out of his way to learn about them, either by sitting with them at lunch or chatting in the hallway or in carpool.  He is quick to strike up a conversation with someone to make their day brighter or help however he's needed.  We are so grateful for the partnership between Oldham County Schools and Oldham County Police Department, particularly because it brought us Officer Simpson. Thank you for your care and dedication to our school!" 


DearMrs. Karissa Dear, 3rd Grade Teacher

"We would like to recognize Mrs. Dear for her wonderful work in her virtual classroom. Mrs. Dear is truly showing by example what it means to S.O.A.R. When our student encounters a problem she is quick to respond with help. She is holding daily meaningful Google Meets where she has share time, teaches content, reminds students to own their learning and to continue to achieve goals, even while learning at home. Mrs. Dear is consistently positive and patient, which we’re sure impacts her students learning at home. The biggest thing we notice about Mrs. Dear is she is extremely respectful to her students. The live meetings are filled with encouragement from Mrs. Dear and between classmates.  The scheduled share times are so intentional and meaningful.  Students learn about each other, hear encouraging words and get a great boost of confidence.  Students are able to feel connected in a disconnected time. We are so impressed with the sense of community Mrs. Dear has been able to create virtually. We love that students are still engaging with her and each other. NTI is not where our student wants to learn, but Mrs. Dear and the rest of the third grade team are doing a wonderful job. There is no way to truly say thank you enough for their hard work and dedication." 


MahanesMs. Ashlynn Mahanes, 5th Grade Teacher

"I would like to nominate Ms. Mahanes as a Soaring Eagle for everything she does for my student.  Her dedication towards her students has been made even more clear during NTI.  My student has been stuck on several occasions and I haven't been able to help. She has reached out to Ms. Mahanes on her slides and she responds almost immediately, offering an on-the-spot Google Meet to get her back on track.  Additionally, I have listened in on pieces of their Google Meets.  She is kind, loving and helpful. She laughs playfully with her kids and it is so clear that she cares deeply for each student.  She honors their strengths and cares deeply about their individuality.  My student loves her time with Ms. Mahanes. We are so grateful that our student is in her care for 5th grade."


TerryMrs. Morgan Terry, 3rd Grade Teacher

"I want to nominate Mrs. Terry as a Soaring Eagle for her dedication to our student both in person and in NTI.  She has gone above and beyond to make sure our student has been cared for both in the classroom and at home.  She offers daily encouragement and reinforcement, expresses genuine interest in their needs and wants, and in her instruction, she is clear and comprehensive.  When she started a new book club recently, she drove the book and materials to our home to make sure that our student would have the materials needed! That is beyond the call of duty! She is dedicated, kind and hard working. We are so grateful our student has the opportunity to be in her class this year. Thank you, Mrs. Terry!"  

MartinezMr. Aaron Martinez, 5th Grade Teacher

"We would like to acknowledge Mr. Martinez as a Soaring Eagle and thank him for helping bring our child out of his shell!  We have seen exponential growth in confidence and leadership this year.  We believe this growth has prepared our child for middle school.  We love seeing our child run down the hall to do his daily meeting with Mr. Martinez!  He brings fun and learning to a new level!"



GarrettMs. Casey Garrett, Kindergarten Teacher

"I want to nominate Ms. Casey Garrett, Kindergarten Teacher as a Soaring Eagle.  She is always willing to give my daughter extra time, support, and love. She gladly jumps in whenever we ask for help: for technical difficulties, extra materials, or further explanations when Mom doesn't cut it. She is patient and encouraging - especially challenging with a Google Meet full of five-year-olds. She makes sure to differentiate for her students so that they get the most out of their learning. As a parent, I feel supported, like Ms. Garrett is on our team and will do whatever she can to help my daughter grow and succeed. We are beyond lucky to have her!"


BurginMrs. Meghan Burgin, Kindergarten Teacher

"We would like to nominate our Kindergarten VLA teacher, Mrs. Burgin as a Soaring Eagle.  This is such a stressful and confusing time for all students let alone Kindergartners.  These kiddos were so excited to start school, make friends, and have new experiences.  Mrs. Burgin has made my daughter so happy.  She is excited every morning to log in and see her face.  She is disappointed on the weekends.  Her absolute favorite is her one-on-one appointments with her teacher.  Mrs. Burgin has set up special lunches so the kids can chat and visit outside of learning time.  

I'm so thankful that she has made this experience pleasant rather than stressful.  She is a true blessing!"  


ShuckMrs. Angie Shuck, Kindergarten Teacher

"Our family would like to recognize Mrs. Shuck as a Soaring Eagle. She has gone above and beyond our expectations the entire school year, but particularly during NTI. She is energetic, responsive, and thoughtful. When she experienced technology difficulties while trying to play a song for the class, she rolled with the issue and just sang the song to the group. She even went out of her way to arrange “friend meetings” between classmates so they can stay connected with one another during NTI. Our son struggled starting the year in NTI, but he is thriving in Round 2 and is consistently counting down to when he can login and see his friends again. We attribute this to the culture Mrs. Shuck established in her classroom. We are so incredibly thankful to have her as our son’s teacher."


MundtMs. Emily Mundt, 1st Grade Teacher

"Our family would love to nominate Ms. Mundt for the Soaring Eagle. She truly goes above and beyond every day, especially during NTI.  She is extremely organized and creates a fun and positive learning environment for her 1st graders! Our daughter looks forward to every class meet because she knows Ms. Mundt will have something special prepared for them. She sends an encouraging video to each student...every single day, complimenting their hard work. It makes such an impact!  We are so grateful for her. She is a bright spot in all the craziness. She really is amazing!"


MartinezMr. Aaron Martinez, 5th Grade Teacher

"I would like to take a moment to recognize Mr. Martinez.  He has shown outstanding guidance with my daughter. He has shown a lot of support during a confusing time with covid-19, being a new fifth grader, as well as being at a new school in a new community. I'm so grateful for everything he has done and is continuing to do for her. Thank you for your dedication, Mr. Martinez!" 



Charlotte KnifeMs. Charlotte Knife, HSC-B Assistant for SOMS

Please join me in honoring our most recent Camden Station Soaring Eagle, Ms. Charlotte Knife, HSC-B Assistant for SOMS.  Ms. Charlotte has been working at Camden on middle school A Days in order to help us in our classroom while we are short an assistant.  She has been reliable, loving and has gone above and beyond for our students.  We are so grateful for the TEAM OLDHAM community for supporting us when she's available to assist.  We are grateful for her and her dedication to all kids! 


KahmanartMrs. Kahmann, Art Teacher

Just wanted to send a special shout out to Mrs. Kahmann as a Soaring Eagle! She really got our student excited this week! He told me a few times this week about the piece he was working on in Art and was so excited that he would be bringing it home today. He even took it out to show his friend after school and now he’s doing ANOTHER piece using what he learned in this week’s lesson!  Mrs. Kahmann really let him see what an artist he can be!  We are so glad our students get to be with her everyday at school.


MartinMrs. Lindsay Martin, Special Education Teacher

"I am a grandmother who was helping my grandkids with their NTI lessons. Mrs. Martin was always so helpful and made herself available whenever we needed help. This was so helpful in ensuring my grandchildren got the most out of NTI.  I am so thankful for her dedication to her students! It was noticed and appreciated! Thank you, Mrs. Martin!"


PancakeMs. Kenna Pancake, 3rd Grade VLA Teacher

I would love to nominate Ms. Kenna Pancake for the Soaring Eagle award.  I imagine as a first year teacher that this virtual classroom looks nothing like what she imagined in her head when she picked the teaching profession.  Her enthusiasm and love for our VLA students is infectious. Her hard work and dedication comes across in every google slide deck, recorded lesson and live session. She is always quick to respond to questions from both parents/guardians and students alike. She is finding ways to get to know her students more every day, even though she has never even met some of them in person. Our student is always excited to get up and get going with school work and takes pride in sending her completed work back to Ms. Pancake for feedback. Choosing VLA learning was not a choice I was excited to make, but for our family it was the right one in this pandemic world. My fears and concerns over VLA learning being effective have been put to rest thanks to Ms. Pancake and all the teachers working alongside her. Thank you, Ms. Pancake!


NoeAllenMrs. Noe, 1st Grade VLA Teacher and Mrs. Allen, 4th Grade VLA Teacher 

"I wanted to nominate Mrs. Allison Noe, 1st Grade VLA Teacher and Mrs. Shawna Allen, 4th Grade VLA Teacher as Soaring Eagles for their dedication to our children enrolled in Virtual Learning Academy.  We could not be more impressed with how they are handling the virtual learning, and the communication they are giving to both parents and students.  It is truly amazing the amount of work they are handling with ease, and they are true rock stars! Thank you to Mrs. Noe and Mrs. Allen for your care!"


MauerMs. Pat Maurer, Daycare Director

"We would like to nominate Ms. Pat and the Eagles Nest staff as Soaring Eagles. She and her team have done an excellent job being flexible and adapting to NTI instruction. Their dedication to supporting the children and providing a safe environment for them to learn gave us tremendous peace of mind. We are so grateful for Ms. Pat and her team and have always been impressed, but this year was an exceptional case and they rose to the challenge."


DebbieMs. Debbie Cottle, Custodian

We want to acknowledge Ms. Debbie Cottle as our most recent Soaring Eagle for the time and dedication she puts into keeping our school safe and clean.  Ms. Debbie has worked hard to ensure that our facility is sparkling clean and ready for our students to enter next week. She does it all with a smile and a friendly wave!  Thank you Ms. Debbie for your commitment to our school, especially right now! We need you more than ever! We appreciate you.





PutrikaMs. Lauren Putirka, 2nd Grade Teacher

"We would like to nominate Ms. Lauren Putirka as a Soaring Eagle.  In the first week of school Mrs. Putirka has already established a positive classroom community in their several live meetings and hosted virtual parent/teacher conferences.  My daughter absolutely loves her reading videos and calm demeanor during live class time.  She has left specific feedback on every Seesaw post that my daughter has submitted. She continues to pre-assess my child to plan for meeting her needs, while planning one-on-one Meet sessions.  We are thrilled she moved to Oldham County and has become part of the Camden Station community!  Thank you for all the hard work and time spent with our kiddos, Ms. Putirka!" 


JuniorMr. Bryan (Junior) Griffin, Custodian

We want to acknowledge Mr. Bryan (Junior) Griffin as our most recent Soaring Eagle for the time and dedication he puts into keeping our school safe and clean.  Mr. Junior has been an essential part of our team, most recently ensuring that our work spaces are not only clean but exceptionally sanitized.  He goes above and beyond to help our building look its best.  Thank you Mr. Junior for your commitment to our school! We appreciate you! 



RodmanMrs. Ann Rodman, Office Manager

"I want to nominate Ms. Ann as a Soaring Eagle because of the care and commitment she brings to her role as an office manager.  She has worked around the clock, especially in starting this unique new school year to ensure that families receive the information they need, students are registered and placed and teachers have access to all materials they need to start the year.  When an unexpected hurdle is placed in her way, she graciously accepts the challenge and works tirelessly to ensure that we have a solution that works for all.  We are so appreciative of her dedication and hard work for our school.  Camden Station is a better place because of your diligence! You are appreciated!"