SBDM Meeting Minutes

Oldham County High School

SBDM Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 18, 2019

4:15 pm


A SBDM meeting was held on Thursday, April 18 at 4:15 PM in the conference room of the Oldham County High School at 1150 N Hwy 393, La Grange, KY, 40031.


  1. Call to Order at 4:15

  2. Approved Agenda - Motion made by Mr. Buford, seconded by Mrs. Watkins

  3. Approved Minutes of March Meeting

  4. There was no Public Expression.

  5. Entered Closed Session pursuant to KRS 61:810(1)(f) for discussions that might lead to the appointment of an individual employee.

  6. Action Items

    1. Approved the following policies: Motion made by Mrs. Manning, and seconded by Mrs. Foster.

      1. Approved Policy 9004.

      2. Approved Policy 3001.

      3. Approved Policy 3002.

    2. Approved Course Catalog and Program of Studies - Motion made by Mrs. Manning, and seconded by Mrs. Lambert

  7. Principal’s Report

    1. Staffing Update

    2. Budget Update

    3. Professional Development Update

  8. Other Concerns

    1. Next Meeting Date - May 16, 2019