Keller, Robin

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Robin Keller




PHONE: 502-228-0158 ext. 204


Spanish I Syllabus

Spanish II Syllabus



Robin Keller joined the North Oldham foreign language department in 2011. She has taught Spanish for 11 years after a career in retail management from Lord & Taylor in New Orleans. She served as the director of the Frankfort High School Spanish Honor Society and the Frankfort High SBDM Council.  Robin has two children, Alex 16 and Carly 18.  Robin has lived in Chile, Colombia and Spain.  She loves to cook Spanish food, dance to salsa music, hike, travel and make jewelry.  She is up for learning new things such as kayaking and zumba...

Robin's teaching philosophy is to allow students to learn the cultures and language of a diverse world while developing a life-long skill of communication.  Robin is impressed with the students of NOHS and looks forward to another year of fun while learning.