Akin, Chris

Last Updated: 3/25/2019 2:19 PM

Chris Akin

E-MAIL ADDRESS: christopher.akin@oldham.kyschools.us

PHONE: 502-228-0158 ext. 209

Mr. Akin brings a wide variety of experience to North Oldham High School. Following graduation from the university, Mr. Akin worked for four years as an ESL teacher in Seville, Spain. Later, he was hired by the University of Akron where he spent six years teaching Spanish. An opportunity led him to the American-Nicaraguan School in Managua, Nicaragua where he worked as a literature instructor for eight years while imbibing Central and South American culture. In his seventh of teaching AP Spanish at North, Mr. Akin creates an atmosphere in which students can prepare themselves for success. His students regularly pass the arduous AP test and go on to make their dreams come true.