• OCS Building Closures:

    Due to COVID-19, Oldham County Schools and Child Enrichment Centers are closed at this time. We hope to reopen on Monday, May 4th. NTI instruction will continue during this time. CLICK HERE for the NOMS NTI Schedule Information.

    Our Emergency Feeding Plan is in place for you to pick up meals curbside at our four designated feeding locations or arrange delivery. If you need assistance with breakfast or lunch, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Food Service Hotline at (502) 241-3513.

Close alert
Students and staff members outside.
Student enjoy time outside at lunch.
Students at lunch.
Students playing sports.
A University of Louisville holding a sheep brain with students.
Students study the mammalian brain.
House themed donuts in the lunchroom.
House themed donuts in the lunchroom.
Students in a meeting with Dr. Smith.
The NOMS student government meets with Dr. Smith.
Students with golden tickets.
Students use Golden Mustang Bucks.
Students donate money to support student government.
Houses complete to win a Penny War during Spirit Week.
Teachers dressed in 80s' attire.
80s' Day during the NOMS Spirit Week
Sunlight shining in the class hallway.
The Glass Hallway
Sunrise over the NOMS Gazebo.
Sunrise over the NOMS Gazebo.

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