100 Day Plan

Jason Radford Dr. Jason Radford, OCS Superintendent, explains his 100-Day Plan as he takes over as leader of Oldham County Schools


As I begin my work here at Oldham County Schools, I want to share with you my priorities for the next 100 days. During this time, I will listen, learn, and connect. I will learn about the priorities and needs of the Board, district staff, and school leaders, as well as county government and community stakeholders. I will listen and connect with people who make Team Oldham a team. I want to establish the priorities for our district, create a shared vision, and provide an opportunity for you to learn about my leadership and communication style.

I plan to meet with internal and external individuals and groups over this time frame. When meeting with our Board and staff, I want to hear about goals and vision, as well as potential difficulties and how we can work through them together. When I meet with external stakeholders, I want to learn how we can work together to accomplish collective goals and make Oldham County an even better place to live and learn.

Much of this work has already begun, but below is an abbreviated outline of what I hope to accomplish over the next 100 days.

  • Meet with Board Chair Joyce Fletcher
    • Listen to what the Board finds important and what they would like for us to measure to determine success. Discuss how we can help schools develop and heighten the Social Emotional Learning programming for our staff and students, and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement when it comes to learning outcomes for ALL students. 
  • Meet with Individual Board Members
    • Listen to their input into the historical perspective of the district and learn about their vision for the district. Discuss my vision, leadership, and communication style. Also, listen to their insight into what they find important to measure and report to the Board.
  • Meet with District Leadership Team
    • Gain perspective on major initiatives, hear where they see the district going in the next five years, review the strategic plan, and discuss direction and accomplishments thus far. Identify any other routines to keep in place and opportunities for improvement.
  • Meet with Elementary and Secondary Level Principals
    • Discuss accountability and structure for reporting on the overall reading and math programs in the district. Find out how the central office can help them meet their individual school goals and students’ transition into the next level (middle school, high school or post-secondary school/career). Continue discussion on the social-emotional learning needs for staff and students and determine how we can support them as a Board and staff at the central office.
  • Meet with Finance Officer, Stephanie Anderson
    • Gain insight on the current budget and learn what pitfalls are coming due to the pandemic and SEEK issues. As superintendent I want to make sure we are working closely together to achieve the Board’s goals.
  • Meet with State Legislators
    • Learn about current legislation and establish a relationship to ensure I have a direct line to Frankfort.
  • Meet with Judge-Executive David Voegele
    • ​​​​​​​Discuss current political state in the county and learn about projects that may impact the district. 
  • Meet with Key Community Stakeholders
    • Establish a working relationship with key community stakeholders.
  • School Site Visits with Principals
    • Connect with the principal, tour the building, and get a feel for the individual school identity.
  • Central Office/Admin Annex Staff Meeting/District Departments
    • Discuss department initiatives and how we can support their work.
  • Meet with Chamber of Commerce/Rotaries/Business Organizations
    • ​​​​​​​Discuss common initiatives.
  • Connect with Regional Superintendents
    • ​​​​​​​Continue to build relationships with other superintendents so we can learn from each other and have a strong voice.

I will take the information and feedback gathered from these meetings to identify clear goals and measurements of success for this school year. I hope the 2021/2022 school year will be the best yet for #TeamOldham.