2020/2021 School Year Update

July 31, 2020

In order to open schools as safely as possible, I feel it is necessary to reduce class sizes in all of our schools. The formation of the Virtual Learning Academy has helped accomplish this goal within the elementary schools in the district, but I continue to have concerns about class sizes in our middle and high schools. Therefore, I will make a recommendation to the Board to adopt an A/B schedule for middle and high schools when the school year begins on August 24. 

As a result, middle and high school students will be divided alphabetically by last name, and half of the students will attend school in-person every other day. Students in the “A” group will attend in-person school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during week one, and Monday and Wednesday during week 2. Students in the “B” group will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday during week one, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday during week 2. Each group of students will attend in-person classes for 10 days out of every 20 school days during each 4-week period. Students will be given assignments to complete on the days they are not attending school in-person, which will be collected on the next in-person attendance day. 

High school and middle school students in the same Infinite Campus “household” would be assigned to the same “A” or “B” schedule regardless of the students’ last names.   

Elementary and preschool students and teachers will remain on their normal in-person weekly schedules. 

The A/B schedule option was initially considered early in the summer, but was placed on hold as we worked toward reopening in-school instruction on a regular weekly schedule, and creating the VLA option. As conditions surrounding the pandemic have been evolving, we have continually monitored and reevaluated our plans. At this time we feel it is necessary to pursue an A/B schedule strategy in order to return to school with increased risk mitigation for students and staff.

Our goal remains to have as much face-to-face instruction as possible throughout this school year, not only for the academic needs of our students, but for their social-emotional needs and access to all the services our schools provide. 

If approved, the school year will begin on an A/B schedule with a goal of moving to a traditional five-day week in-person schedule as soon as it is prudent to do so. We will continually monitor and reevaluate circumstances during the four weeks of A/B instruction, to decide the following four weeks schedule. The A/B schedule will be used as a reentry plan following any return from district wide Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI). At the end of each trimester, families will have an opportunity to change student enrollment from in-person instruction to VLA, or vice versa. At this time it is anticipated that the Virtual Learning Academy will be available for the entire 2020-2021 school year.  

If the A/B schedule proposal is approved by the Board, additional details will be communicated in the coming weeks. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to gather more information and respond to your questions. 

Board Meeting Details

The Board will meet Monday, August 3 at 4:30 p.m. at the Arvin Education Center. Those wishing to participate in public expression in-person must email inpersonexpression@oldham.kyschools.us prior to 4:30 p.m. on Monday. Speakers must provide their name, home address and a cell phone number where they can receive texts. The order of speakers will be based on the time stamp on the email received. Please arrive by 4:15 p.m. Those wishing to share public expression are to remain in their cars at the Arvin Center until notified via text. Once contacted via text, individuals can enter the building, have their temperature checked and complete the “Healthy at Work” screening survey. Individuals will then wait while masked and properly distanced inside the Arvin Center until it is their turn to speak in front of the Board. Once an individual has given their public expression, they are to exit the building. Only members addressing the Board are to enter the Arvin Center.


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