Student Parking Regulations 2013 – 2014 School Year

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1. Students qualifying for parking pay a $25.00 fee during registration and receive a tag to be displayed at all times.

2. Students must present a valid driver's license, not a permit, at time of registration/application. Spaces will not be held for students who do not qualify at registration.

3. Permission to park on campus is extended to SENIORS and JUNIORS only.

4. Parking tags are non-transferable. No student can lend or sell their parking tag for any reason. Tags and spaces are to be provided through the office only.

5. Upon arriving at school, students are to LEAVE THEIR CAR AND ENTER THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY.

6. Parking lots are off limits (8:45 – 3:45) during the school day. Any student needing to go to a car must obtain a pass from an administrator.

7. Students will be assigned a specific lot and space in which they are to park.

8. Student tags MUST BE DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES, or may be SUBJECT TO TOWING (at the owner's expense).

9. Students MUST PARK IN THEIR ASSIGNED SPACE or COULD BE TOWED (at the owner's expense).

10. Students deemed driving reckless, speeding, or not following adult directions on school grounds may forfeit their parking tag for one month minimum or up to one year. The speed limit in the parking lot is 15 MPH.

11. Student's cars can be subject to random searches by the administration.

12. Students losing their drivers licenses will also lose their parking pass.

13. Student and Parent(s) acknowledge that they are familiar with OCHS and OCBE policies relating to automobiles as outlined in the OCHS student/parent handbook

14. Criteria for parking privileges:

  • Students must have passed at least 5 classes the previous semester as required by the No Pass/No Drive KRS 159.051 and maintained a cumulative un-weighted 2.0 GPA to be eligible for parking privileges.
  • Prior year student attendance record must have no more than eight (8) unexcused absences.
  • Any student who has been referred to the OCBE AND the OC courts for truancy will not be eligible to apply for parking privileges.
  • Students with serious cumulative disciplinary infractions (i.e. suspensions for drugs/alcohol, fighting, weapons, have outstanding fees and/or obligations, repeated parking violations of parking on campus without authorizations prior to being granted the privilege to park) will not be granted parking privileges.
  • Students must have demonstrated good faith effort on all state assessments and all other standardized tests to obtain parking privileges.
  • Students who fail to meet the eligibility requirements may reapply for parking privileges after the Holiday (Winter) Break. To be eligible, a student must have no failing grades or unexcused absences during the previous semester.
  • Students with parking privileges that acquire 3 tardies to school will lose parking for 30 days. For every 3 tardies following the initial suspension, another 30-day suspension will go into effect.
  • Students with more than 8 unexcused absences at the end of the first semester will lose parking second semester.

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