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October 1, 2015


Mustang Families, 
By now the news is filled with the release and buzz of the KPREP scores.  
With our beaming smiles and affirmation that the intentionality of our purposeful work has earned us the classification as a School of Distinction (those middle schools with overall scores in the 95 percentile), you must know how honored and pleased our faculty and staff are to work with your children as they progress on their educational journey!  Having a community filled with 
supportive families is key.  Thank you for valuing education and sharing your children with us during these middle years. 
I was asked what contributed to our continued growth and improvement and I immediately responded withâ??our culture.  We pride ourselves on the 
culture we have built, sustained and continue to refine over the years.  As you are aware, our culture speaks for itself. It is felt and appreciated from the moment one walks through the front doors. This doesn't happen by chance. This doesn't occur everywhere. It is the expectation. It is very intentional.  It is our norm. It is the way we do things. 
Hats off to our dedicated faculty and staff who work diligently to ensure student learning. We focus not only on the content we teach, but just as importantly, we embrace and nurture the social and emotional components of our Mustangs. Addressing the whole child allows great success to occur. 
Each one of us plays a part in what happens here. Parents, faculty and staff and, of course, our student Mustangs.We are a team. We are a family. We are Mustangs. We are North!
Thank you parents/grandparents for all you do!  Take a moment to congratulate your Mustang for their continued hard work. Our faculty and staff embrace the challenge to keep inspiring, empowering and uniting our Mustangs.  Together we can ensure the learning of ALL Mustangs!!
I am extremely proud of our students, faculty and staff and this great community!  Go Mustangs. 
Carrie Pitsenberger






Inspire * Empower * Unite


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