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Mustang Parents,

I have been working with our School Resource Officer, Richard Whittaker, about the traffic on Highway 1793, especially in the afternoons at dismissal time.

In order to be proactive, we are making some changes to how we need you to line up your cars in front of our building when you are picking-up/dropping off your student at school. While this process may seem a bit frustrating at first, it is all in the name of safety. There will eventually be an accident on 1793 if we don’t do something to try to address cars standing still on Highway 1793 as parents wait to turn into our school lot to pick up/drop off students.

We will begin this new process on Monday, September 29, 2014 in the afternoon. Please refer to the drawing Officer Whittaker provided. We will have two lanes of cars until you approach a designated area (around the fire hydrant by the gazebo) which at this time you will begin to merge into one lane. The most inner lane will be for those parents or visitors that need to proceed to the parking area on the side of the building to park their car or for emergency vehicles should that situation arise. Your cooperation in allowing this merging to take place will be pivotal in allowing this system to work and be effective in order to reduce the number of cars sitting on Highway 1793.

Friendly reminders:

When in the line to drop off or pick up, please pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk, as this allows for the optimal number of cars to pull in and around. We do not have the traffic design that allows everyone to stop directly in front of the front door and drop off/pick-up.

Please do not ask your child to meet you down at the foot of our front yard. While this may save time from having to get into the actual car pick-up/drop off line, it could pose as a safety hazard when the students are walking through traffic. I appreciate your help with this matter.

Side parking lot—you are welcome to park in the side parking lot and have your child(ren) meet you there, or park and come and get them. This would eliminate you having to wait in the line and possibly on Highway 1793.

When at all possible, sending your child on the school bus will help to reduce the number of drop offs/pick-ups, thus reduce the number of cars trying to get into the parking lot.

As always, thank you for your support and assistance in keeping our students’ safety first and ensuring that our traffic flow is smooth, efficient and safe.

Thank you.

Carrie Pitsenberger




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