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December 5, 2014


Mustang Parents,


Please see the informational letter from Tracy Harris Green,  Director of Communications and Development for OCS, regarding our updates to the OneCall system to provide transportation information .  Thank you.


Dear parents:


We know the frequent bus delays across the district are very frustrating. While double-runs of buses may remain a reality until we have enough bus drivers, we are changing our system to provide more updates. We anticipate launching the new system Dec. 8, allowing our transportation team to send updates about specific buses via OneCall. This will be used for major delays and changes, like double-runs, maintenance issues or traffic accidents.


One key feature is that we will provide bus-specific information, not just school-specific — meaning if your child rides bus 1111, you’ll get updates related just to that bus. In addition, this change will enable us to send updates about morning bus routes. Previously, updates were sent at the school level, and morning route changes occur before school staff arrive. Our transportation team arrives before bus routes begin and will be able to send those updates.


Again, this system will only be used for major delays and changes, including double runs, mechanical issues or traffic accidents. It will not be used to provide updates on typical day-to-day delays caused by traffic or other common occurrences.


Updates will include bus number changes and estimated times, but please keep in mind those times are approximate and subject to change, especially during times of inclement weather. As always, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately to wait for the bus — especially teens, who are more apt to wait without hats and gloves.


If you need to make a correction to your child’s bus number or the phone numbers at which you receive alerts, please contact your school’s office manager. There is a texting option for OneCall if you would prefer texts instead of phone calls. Text the word “alert” to 22300 to activate text messaging (must be from a number currently receiving phone calls).


We do have four drivers currently in training, and several more applications under review. We encourage those interested in becoming a driver to call 222-9337.


Thank you for your patience and understanding on this topic.



Carrie Pitsenberger




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