Required Immunizations for Sixth Grade Entry

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Below are the MANDATORY immunization and health related requirements that must be met PRIOR TO THE 1ST DAY OF SIXTH GRADE ENTRY according to state law KRS 241.034.


PLEASE NOTE:  The Kentucky Department for Public Health has revised the immunization requirements in 902 KAR 2:060 and the requirements will become effective July 1, 2011.  This change requires additional immunizations and updated forms.  The additional vaccines required are listed below: (effective July 1, 2011)

For sixth grade entry, age eleven (11) or twelve (12) years or older a child shall have received:

(a) One (1) dose of Tdap if it has been at least two (2) years since the administration of the last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine;

(b) Two (2) doses of varicella, unless a healthcare provider states that the child has had a diagnosis of typical varicella disease or verification of a history of varicella disease by a healthcare provider or a diagnosis or herpes zoster disease or verification of a history of herpes zoster disease by a healthcare provider;

(c) One (1) dose of MCV or MPSV (meningococcal vaccine)

Your physician should issue a new, complete Kentucky Immunization Certificate (updated version) with all vaccines recorded.


A Kentucky Preventative Health Care Examination Form is required for all students entering 6th grade.  This exam may be completed up to one (1) year prior to entry into 6th grade. 

Athletic Physicals:   A separate sports/athletic physical completed on a KHSAA form is required annually to participate in strenuous sports at the middle or high school level.  The KHSAA sports physical DOES NOT replace the required Kentucky Preventative Health Care Exam required for sixth grade entry. 

In order for your student to complete enrollment into middle school, the KY Immunization Certificate and KY Preventative Health Care Exam Form must be on file at your child’s school prior to the first day of attendance.  Parents are urged to maintain copies of all medical documents. 

All forms can be accessed by clicking this link.

Questions may be directed to the Director of School Health Services at 241-3500 ext. 228.

Updated January 2013

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