2018 LaGrange Pyramid Award WinnersThe Pyramid Awards provide up to $1,000 per teacher to fund innovative educational projects that will benefit students in the classroom.  

Through the years, OCEF has awarded over $300,000 to more than 470 teachers.

This year, 30 proposals throughout the county were selected for funding and more than $26,000 is being distributed to these teachers.  

This year’s winners are:

  • Jennifer Dolan, Buckner Elementary - “eBooks for Everyone: Encouraging Readers and Deepening Student Thinking through Electronic Books”
  • Carrie Sweeney, Centerfield Elementary - “I’m Not the Only One: Embracing Diversity and Empathy through Literature”
  • Rebecca Broughton, Centerfield Elementary - “Reading for All!”
  • Ashley Haselton, Centerfield Elementary - “Conceptual Understanding of Math for K’s”
  • Caitlin Aissami, Crestwood Elementary - “21st Century Flexible Seating”
  • Brooke Noon, Goshen Elementary - “Interactive Learning to Engage Young Minds”
  • David Wallace & Robin Aleksevitch, Goshen Elementary - “Food for Friends”
  • Christina Davis, Harmony Elementary - “Snoezelen Room”
  • Rachael Dillard, Harmony Elementary - “Listen Here! Using Student Created Podcasts to Increase Literacy”
  • Julie Hagood, Harmony Elementary - “LEGO Robotics”
  • Christina Burkhardt & Jill McCarty, Kenwood Station - “‘I Can Do It!’ Building Independence and Endurance Using Work Tasks”
  • Keri Nacke, La Grange Elementary - “Sensory Motor for Kinders”
  • Rebecca Kirtland, La Grange Elementary - “Effective Communication in Our Technologically Advanced World”
  • Andie Marx, La Grange Elementary - “Primary Publishers: Writing Across the Curriculum”
  • Allison Dawson, Locust Grove Elementary - “Lee Comingo! (Read with Me)”
  • Julie Beatty, East Oldham Middle School - “Reading Plus”
  • Michelle Berch, North Oldham High - “Flexible Seating”
  • Tina Beck, North Oldham High - “Virtual Reality in the Secondary Classroom”
  • Chad Padgett, North Oldham High - “Programming 101 - Using Automation to Solve Mathematics Problems”
  • Angela Lange & Kayla Long, North Oldham High - “Enhancing Learning Through the Senses”
  • OCEF Pyramid AwardCristy McMahan, North Oldham High - “Science Olympiad Engineering Tools”
  • Kristine Holobinko, North Oldham Middle - “Science Olympiad Kits”
  • Allison Steineker, North Oldham Middle - “Science Olympiad Resources”
  • Beth Weber, Oldham County Middle - “Getting Them with Google”
  • Hayley Thurman, Oldham County Middle - “Technology in the Classroom”
  • Ashley Sakie, Oldham County Middle - “WE Ts”
  • Andrew Haselton, Oldham County High - “School Garden”
  • Brittany DeJarnett, Oldham County High - “Explore Learning - Online Simulations”
  • Chandra Holloway Emerson, South Oldham High - “Lighting the Way: Art for All Students”
  • Jennifer Gerber, South Oldham Middle - “The Game of Learning - Workshop and Differentiation in Action”