Four selected for Governor’s School for the Arts
gsa-logo1-1184x789The Governor’s School for the Arts class of 2015 will include at least four exceptionally talented students from across Oldham County’s three high schools. GSA is a three-week residential program that provides hands-on arts opportunities in performing arts, visual arts and music. Students are selected through a rigorous application process, including auditions.
Oldham County Schools students accepted to this year’s program represent instrumental music, visual art, musical theater and architecture/design.
“While many schools have reduced or entirely eliminated arts programs, we continue to believe they are a vital part of education,” said Superintendent Will Wells. “We are proud to offer arts opportunities for our students both at their schools and through our Arts Center, a unique opportunity most districts do not have."
  • Anna Bischof-Bryant, NOHS, Visual Art
  • Mackenzie Eck, NOHS, Instrumental Music, Soprano Saxophone
  • Sierra Lindeman, OCHS, Architecture + Design
  • Jack Brewer, SOHS, Musical Theatre
  • Abigail Root, OCHS, Instrumental Music, Bb Clarinet


  • Amber Eger, NOHS, Visual Art
  • Joseph Percefull, OCHS, Drama
  • Joseph Percefull, OCHS, Musical Theatre
  • Madelyn Shackleton, OCHS, Dance
  • Sophia Sharon, OCHS, Instrumental Music, Bassoon
  • Natalie Shearer, OCHS, Creative Writing
  • Sean Stevens, OCHS, Instrumental Music, Alto Saxophone
  • Griffin Wilson, OCHS, Instrumental Music, Tuba
  • Benjamin Whalin, SOHS, Vocal Music


16 students selected for Governor's Scholar Program

20150520-gsplogoThe Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program class of 2015 was announced this week, including acceptance of 16 Oldham County Schools students from all three district high schools.

GSP is a five-week summer program for rising high school seniors. Over 1,000 Kentucky students are selected yearly based on a thorough application process detailing their academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, volunteerism, and personal integrity. For the duration of the program, located at three local college campuses chosen through a bidding process, scholars have the rare opportunity to experience college life while attending classes on a daily basis. The Governor's Scholars Program emphasizes wide-ranging representation of all Kentucky regions, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

Each student that is selected is eligible to receive scholarships to any in-state public university within the state of Kentucky, as well as a handful of private institutions. The Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program was established in 1983 as an attempt by Kentucky leaders to keep the state's "best and brightest" interested in furthering education and potentially starting a career in the commonwealth instead of traveling out of the state to do so.

OCS students selected for the Governor’s Scholar Program

  • NOHS: Paige Didier, Jennifer Rebbin and Maggie Foster
  • OCHS: Victoria Hafner, Shannon Rush, Ally Hicks, Leah Hollander, Reid Honeycutt, Conner Hounshell and Max Rogers.
  • SOHS: Jacob Powell, Sawyer Blair, Zach Long, Elizabeth Erwin, Caylem Ashcraft and Paige Robertson.
  • Alternates: Kaia Bentsen (SOHS) and Hannah Clark (OCHS).

Inaugural Craft Academy includes 3 from Oldham Co. Schools


The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University has selected 60 students for its Class of 2017, including three from Oldham County Schools. 

William Kueshner (NOHS), Marcus Roup (OCHS) and Sienna Shacklette (OCHS) will represent the district in the Craft Academy’s first class.
"The announcement of the inaugural class of the Craft Academy marks an exciting moment in Morehead State University's rich history," said Dr. Wayne D. Andrews, president. "We are eager to welcome some of the Commonwealth's best and brightest to MSU and look forward to having them join us on campus this August."
The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics will meet the unique educational needs of academically gifted and talented high school juniors and seniors in the Commonwealth. A college-level curriculum will allow students to finish high school while also completing up to two years of university coursework. It will offer a residential college experience and environment to promote innovation and creative enterprise, developing the full potential of the state's brightest minds and most promising future leaders.
In addition, the Craft Academy will offer project-based STEM+X courses that will enrich educational experiences and develop competencies in entrepreneurship and innovation, design and creativity, and civic and regional engagement.
Students will live on campus in a newly renovated residence hall designed for high school aged students. The facility will have meeting and social space and be staffed 24/7. Counselors and advisors also will be available.
"This first class of scholars includes some of the most academically talented students from across the Commonwealth, and we couldn't be more proud of them," said Dr. Carol Christian, director of the Craft Academy. "The selection process was extremely competitive, and we were very pleased with the quality of all the candidates that applied. By developing minds that will create, invent and lead, these Craft Academy participants represent Kentucky's future in the STEM fields. I can only imagine the impact they will have on the quality of life in our region, state and beyond."
Students were selected based on ACT and SAT scores, academic grades from their first two years of high school, interest in advanced STEM careers, responses to application essay questions, interview by the Academy selection committee and recommendations from teachers and others who can attest to the student's need and preparedness for the program. Nearly 120 students were interviewed for the initial 60 spots.


At the end of the two years, students will have earned a minimum of 60 credit hours, finished high school and have the opportunity to further their education at MSU or transfer to any other college/university in Kentucky or elsewhere.

Five selected for Commonwealth Honors Academy
Five Oldham County Schools students have been accepted to the Commonwealth Honors Academy at Murray State University this summer. CHA is offered with the firm conviction that one of the greatest resources of this region is its academically talented young people. This three-week residential summer program for high school juniors stresses the development of each student's critical thinking abilities, adaptability, creativity, and self-confidence. 
The Academy seeks to reward excellence, broaden horizons, and expand vision. In the Academy, teachers and students deal with the conceptual, historical, and philosophical foundations of learning. Students have opportunities through independent effort to develop their personal and intellectual skills under expert supervision.
All students enroll in an interdisciplinary humanities fine arts course that draws material from the traditional humanities as well as the fine and performing arts. Students also select an elective course, choosing from a variety of academic areas from agriculture to communications to engineering. A seminar session focuses on issues of personal and social development, with small group discussion to explore topics like interpersonal communication, family and peer relationships, choosing a university and civic responsibility. 
Accepted: Kendall Atchison (OCHS), Zachary Long (SOHS), Nick McKinney (OCHS), Evan Rademaker (SOHS) and Juliette Tinebra (SOHS).
Alternates: Tolman Elwell (OCHS), Joey Hackworth (OCHS) and Alexis Morris (OCHS).


492 Years of Service: Retiring certified staff recognized

20150515 0185

With a combined 492 years of service to Oldham County Schools, retiring certified staff were honored last Friday with a luncheon at the Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center in Crestwood. The Crestwood Elementary Chorus performed “For Good” from the musical Wicked, letting these staff know that “because we knew you, we have been changed for good.” Staff were presented engraved frames featuring a photo of them “on the job,” and enjoyed a video slideshow with photos as well as comments from colleagues, parents and former students. Superintendent Will Wells, Chief Operations Officer Dorenda Neihof and Board of Education member Larry Dodson gave their heartfelt thanks through remarks as well.

A special thank you to everyone who helped with this special event, including the Personnel Department, Communications Department, COO office, and Crestwood Elementary’s chorus director, Matt Lund. 

Event photos | Crestwood Chorus Video

  • Jane Smith, Liberty principal, 25 years

  • Jim Ross, EOMS principal, 27 years

  • Lisa Cheek, Buckner principal, 30 years

  • Debbie Sullivan, Buckner, 27 years

  • Carol Hughey, Preschool principal, 24 years

  • Karen Otte, Preschool, 13 years

  • Nancy Palmquist, SOHS, 20 years

  • Steven Ising, SOHS, 13 years

  • Cindi Reedy, SOHS, 21 years

  • Nancy Souza, NOMS, 27 years

  • Erika Wardlow, NOMS, 18 years

  • Frank Schooler, NOMS, 27 years

  • Bobbie Stoess, Crestwood, 36 years

  • Jill Knight, Crestwood/Harmony, 27 years

  • Cy Tucker, SOMS, 26 years

  • Shari Kortum, Camden Station, 32 years

  • Mary Beth Banbury, Goshen, 18 years

  • Pam Burns, Goshen, 27 years

  • Jackie Howell, GATES, 7 years

  • Anita Davis, Chief Academic Officer, 9 years

  • Dan Orman, Assistant Superintendent, 20 years

  • Amanda Putty, central office, 18 years


Transition to Infinite Campus Messenger: Parent Contact Preferences

During spring break, Oldham County Schools moved to district-wide use of Infinite Campus Messenger, thus streamlining our communications. We have ceased using OneCall as our message notification system. In addition to the Infinite Campus inbox you previously had access to, we now can use email, text and voice options — much like OneCall.

You will need to opt-in for voice and/or text message notifications. You will use your existing Infinite Campus Parent Portal login — if you do not have an existing login, please contact your school.

  • Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account with your Username and Password.
  • On the left-hand navigation menu under User Account, select Contact Preferences.
  • In the body of the Contact Preferences page, you will see instructions as well as a list of your contact information that you have reported to your students’ school. Here you can choose to opt-in or out of different Voice or SMS/text notifications.
  • Follow the instructions on this screen to update your contact preferences.

A brief note of each message type is provided:

Emergency: All emergency messages will be District notifications that are of a high priority. They can be sent any time of day.

  1. Attendance: Notifications about student attendance, will only be sent between 7AM and 9PM. (Note: not all schools send attendance notifications.)
  2. Behavior: Behavior notifications are not used at this time.
  3. General: These are most common and will be sent by the district or your school between 7AM and 9PM.
  4. Priority Notification: Priority messages are special message types and will only be sent between 7AM and 9PM. Your school should notify you if they use these types of notifications.
  5. Teacher: Teacher notifications will only be via your Portal inbox or email. (Note: not all schools sent teacher notifications.)

Please note that you can have different combinations of contact preferences selected. For example, you can have Attendance notifications as text alerts only but Emergency notifications as Text AND Voice alerts.

Infinite Campus includes a confirmation option. For example, if you select Voice and Text delivery, Infinite Campus will attempt to deliver the voice notification first. You will be prompted at the end of the message to confirm receipt. Once you confirm the message, Messenger will not send notifications to your other devices. If that voice notification is NOT confirmed, the system moves on to the next delivery option.

If your household does not have access to a computer or Internet, please contact your school for assistance.


Oldham County Schools
2015 High School Graduation Dates

Buckner Alternative High School

Friday, June 12, 2015 at 7:00 P.M.
Oldham County Arts Center

South Oldham High School 

Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 11:00 A.M.
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center - Broadbent Arena 

Oldham County High School

Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 2:30 P.M.
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center - Broadbent Arena

North Oldham High School

Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 6:00 P.M.
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center - Broadbent Arena

Project Graduation 2015 (for ALL Graduating Seniors)
DATE: Saturday, June 13 2015    |     LOCATION: SOHS


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